AsiaPac CXO Dialogue Series

Thailand Dialogue
22 May 2019, Wednesday
Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok Thailand

Digital Transformation, Data Capital, AI and the Future of Healthcare

Digital transformation has affected every aspect of our world, especially our personal and professional lives. Healthcare is one industry that will be profoundly affected by changes in the way humans live and work. The utilization of relevant healthcare data leads to what some call a revolution in healthcare. Anonymized cohort data from genomics via EMRs to imaging paired with individual data of a patient allows a more personalized and therefore more efficient treatment. Precision Medicine, Personalized Medicine or Stratified Medicine are equivalent terms used for that.

The challenge from an IT perspective is to manage data cost efficiently and allow access to the appropriate users at appropriate performance when needed. Data however not only comes from different sources (EMR, radiology, digital pathology, genomics and last not least from personal devices like wearables) but is collected over many years and traditionally lives in silos spread across departments and mostly across hospitals. Once the data challenge has been solved Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning can be used to diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases in a much better way. And there is more…

In this session we will discuss the benefits that can be realized by harnessing these new emerging technologies through a well thought out and properly executed digital transformation. We will also share how underpinning digital transformation is a new asset called Data Capital; why IDC advises every business, healthcare included, to unlock the full power of its data capital to accelerate digital transformation and how this can be done. We will also discuss some of the best practices for the new style of leadership necessary to create a truly effective healthcare of the future.